PowerTradeCopier Review

I would
like to share my experience about PowerTradeCopier ( http://multiterminal.net ). I am a
professional forex trader and several years ago, I started managing two
accounts for my friends. Our initial capital was 18,000 and we have made nearly
100% by the first year. My friend has posted statement on forex forum and after
long negotiations,we managed to involve five more investors with capital

I use
scalping strategy and there are moments when my robot opens 3-4 orders in a
matter of seconds. I also trade on a news in semi-automatic mode. Our investors
already had accounts with different brokers and we failed to convince them, to
open an account with our brokerage company. It was impossible to manage all mt4
accounts simultaneously  and for this
reason there was a need for account copier, and the most important parameter
when choosing a copier was copying speed (latency). We tested a number of
copyists, but they were almost identical, 
had copying latency, and were difficult to manage.

 One My friend 
recommended me PowerTradeCopier and instantly I,requested for the  demo version. First of all – powertradecopier
is  the standalone software, I mean you
do not need to install several mt4 terminals to run them or use scripts for
each mt4…. all you  need is to just
install powertradecopier.

 Second – powertradecopier is event-copier,
powertradecopier doesn’t poll the general account time to time and as soon as
an event occurs on the general account, it copes  to dependent account and  this reason is the reason why
powertradecopier doesn’t have delay. We copy orders from high frequency
robot  without any problem. 

Now we
manage more than 30,mt4 accounts and several currenex accounts and continue to
use powertradecopier. Several of our clients have accounts with slow mt4
brokers and we use SL side filter for this accounts and manage them without any
problem. This filter allows me to open orders on these accounts on the same
price with master account. We never use jforex add-on, but I am sure that this
is the same professional solution like all the other powertradecopier’s

Val Fedorov
& Sergey Kutikov